I Like Giving Feedback

I’m a true quality advocate. So when I get the opportunity to provide feedback, I take it seriously and do it meaningfully.

Do you ever call that number on the bottom of your receipt to tell corporate how your experience was? Or complete those surveys to potentially win $500 of free food or an Xbox from TacoBell? What about calling the number on the back of that truck for “How’s my driving”?

Well I do! But not for the free food, chance to win cool prizes, or protecting other drivers on the road. Which are all great things, by the way. I’m a quality advocate, in every sense of the word and in most cases that has its own rewards. I try to eliminate pain points for teams I work with…the products websites and applications that I use…my personal and professional relationships…and even as that consumer who fills out that survey.

So what does free tacos and solicited feedback have to do with anything? Other than being a proponent for both, it’s a way to branch into the main topic of this blog post! At the end of 2020 Testim, one of the online testing communities that I belong to sought out bold predictions on where test automation is headed in 2021. With some encouragement from my dearest stage mom, I submitted my prediction and to my delight, it was selected to display on the Testim blog. We also had an opportunity to discuss these predictions with the community.

🔮 My bold prediction for where I think test automation is headed in 2021:
We’re going to see a shift in focus and begin to include (more reliably) accessibility audits as part of the automated process.
In the beginning, it will address basic industry-accepted accessibility rules/best practices that improve the user experience. I imagine it could be an integration with WCAG or the development of a new feature that would execute an accessibility audit on any given webpage.

As you will learn, I’m just as enthusiastic about accessibility (and testing it!) and inclusion as I am about quality. I have been manually testing software for over a decade and picked up automation on various frameworks and platforms over the last few years. Since early 2020 I have been using Testim’s low-code solution to automate a wide variety of tests for many projects that I am on.

Pssst! Hey! There’s a brand new feature from Testim Labs. Say hello to Accessibility Validations!!

The stars aligned…my dream came true…my prediction has come to fruition!

Not only through Testim, but I discovered over the last few months that there are several tools out there to assist in the automation of accessibility tests.

There’s no moral to this story. I genuinely enjoy giving feedback and perspective. If you also enjoy this topic, I’ll have another blog post later this month where I review 7 cool accessibility testing tools.

Stay tuned! 📺

Erin’s a creative professional with a passion for software quality and a champion for inclusion and accessibility. Always seeking new experiences and knowledge.